The privileges and promotions under KOPETRO Membership & Credit are offered to:

  1. Permanent PETRONAS staff & Malaysia citizens
  2. PETRONAS subsidiaries - payroll under PETRONAS
  3. Age of 18 - 55 years old


Please include the following with your application form

  1. Original Form
  2. Copy of NRIC (both sides)
  3. Latest 1 month salary slip
  4. Copy of confirmation letter / offer letter


  1. Entrance fee - RM 30.00
  2. Monthly contribution - RM 50.00 (minimum)
  3. Share capital - RM 1000.00 (minimum)



  1. Deceased
  2. Retired
  3. Resigned
  4. Quit membership


Please include the following with your application form

  1. Quit Membership Form
  2. Copy of NRIC (both sides)
  3. ?To resign - resignation letter from HR


Any withdrawals will be put under notice as per below:

  1. Deceased - Two month
  2. Resigned - Two month
  3. Retired - To date of retirement
  4. Quit membership - Six month


Q: What are the benefits of signing up?
A: To become our privilege and enjoy our loan benefits, yearly dividend up to 10%

Q: How long does it take for approval to become a member?
A: The approval will take about a month.

Q: How do we know if our application is approved?
A: An approval letter will be sent to you.

Q: Can I increase my monthly contribution and can I reduce the contributions?
A: Additions can be done, but must attach a copy of pay slip to our computation.

Q: Can I increase my share exceeding the minimum?
A: Yes, you can increase the amount by filling additional application forms and maximum amount is RM50000.00

Q: Can I withdraw my contribution?
A: Yes, contributions can only be withdrawn when member are no longer active

Q: Can I withdraw my shares?
A: The Contribution of shares may be issued but must be in accordance with the conditions as stated in the By-Laws KOPETRO 60 (3)

Q: Do I have to put the information of the beneficiary?
A: Yes, you must put the information on beneficiaries as the trustee for distribution to the qualifying event of your death.

Q: Can I change the beneficiary?
A: Yes, changes can be made and you should let us know by sending a Change of Beneficiary Form.

Q: When I retire can I continue with the membership?
A: You may continue membership by submitting form a month before your retirement date.

Q: How do I pay fees for the members contribution to continue membership?
A: You have to make the payment manually through bank deposit to KOPETRO account.

Q: What is the maximum monthly contribution of the continuing fees of membership?
A: The maximum amount is RM 500 per month.

Q: How can I monitor my contributions in KOPETRO
A: You are encouraged to register online at

* For more information, contact us at